Smallholder Food Producer

Empowering smallholder food producers for a brighter future

Smallholder Food Producer

We support local food producers to move from subsistence to semi-commercialization.

Mamluks is actively working to build an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive food system in the world.

Mamluks is a community-based application, that helps connect local farmers, fishermen, bakers, and hobby chefs to potential customers in their local community. Cutting out the middlemen, and drastically decreasing the entry barrier to becoming a local entrepreneur!

The era of greedy middlemen is over; it is time to empower and connect the masses with the use of technology. Mamluks is revolutionizing the global food industry, by acting locally, but thinking globally!

Since the entry-level for starting to provide food for your local community will be drastically reduced. We will allow for more divorce and inclusive food preferences, this will in turn help grow new niche businesses that will specialize in foreign cuisines, as well as in new and experimental food variants. For instance, have you tried fried sea cucumber?

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