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Bjørn Hansen


Færder Sjømat is truly impressive! Their fresh, locally sourced Færder Shrimp from the local coastal fisherman are environmentally certified and of fantastic quality. I discovered them through Mamluks, which also offers home delivery of the shrimp. Thanks to Mamluks for introducing me to Færder Seafood.”

Nora Gundersen


Experience Fjærkledd Festmåltid! Delicious organic food, excellent animal welfare, and exceptional taste. Buy directly from local farmers through Mamluks and have the food delivered right to your doorstep. Prioritize top-quality products from Feathered Feast. Taste true organic culinary joy!

Fatima Hameed


As a Muslim immigrant from Syria, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to buy local, locally sourced halal products from Halal Joys on Mamluks. It’s fantastic to be able to find fresh, locally produced, and certified halal food items all in one place. The variety of sellers offering halal products on the Mamluks platform is extensive, making it easier for me and my family to find food we can eat.

Join the resistance!

By becoming one of our pilot suppliers or pilot customers, you actively support local food producers in your community through our partnership with Mamluks. Together, we aim to accelerate productivity and income for farmers in various regions using our online platform. Our pilot suppliers gain access to valuable tools to scale their businesses, while pilot customers can enjoy fresh goods delivered straight from the farm to their door.

Join us now and be a part of our mission! Whether you are a local food producer looking to expand your business or a consumer passionate about supporting local farmers, Mamluks is here to empower you. Together, we can enhance management skills, reduce risk margins, and strengthen the community’s food production.

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