Innovation For Food Producers

Open Opportunities

Mamluks can provide an opportunity for food producers to ensure long-term viability and reduce negative impacts of production. Additionally, the company may connect, offer products, and ship immediately to customers when they make purchases.

Eliminate Greedy Middlemen

To help food producers eliminate extra costs involved from inefficient and inflexible middlemen and instead focus on the retailer and end-user. Due to the reduced steps in the distribution chain, businesses may also respond quickly to customized orders. Higher efficiency in the supply chain increases revenue and customer satisfaction.

Offer A Wider Range

Following the democratizing of the local food market, customers will be offered a wider range of unique culinary food experiences, that is specializing in foreign cuisines, as well as in new and experimental food variants. By cutting out the middlemen and democratizing the food market.

Serves As Vehicle

Mamluks serves as vehicle for food producers development. It seeks to improve food producers productivity and income while establishing inclusive and sustainable food systems.

Mamluks: Serving Humanity!

Join The Revolution.

With the help of technology and partnerships, Mamluks aims to empower local food producers to sell their produce directly to end customers, hence cutting out the greedy middlemen and earning a living wage!

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