How to Make Money With Your Farm

Making Money with Farming

Can you run an activity that allows paying visitors to come to your farm? For example a play area for children, trails, picnic areas, wine tasting, farm animals you can pet and milk/feed, farmyard trampolines. 

There are several recent reports of farms with up to $1,000 or more a week from agritourism, especially during festive seasons. 

Here are some considerations on what to do to make your farm a tourist attraction:

1. Agritourism, wine tastings, and farm tours

Wine Tasting






2. Build an outdoor room with a pool and hot tubs that serves as a rental facility

Outdoor Room






3. Open an outdoors café

Outdoor Cafe2







4. Build a place to see stars

Campfire to see the Stars







5. Horse riding

Horse Riding






6. Farm golf courses

Golf Course

7. Farm accommodations 

Barn House






8. Host camping on your farm

Farm Camping






9. If your farm is close to hills or mountains, create hiking trails

hiking trails







In the US, there are lots of farms that offer a visit or a ‘farm trail’, an example is Preston Trail Farms. By providing an alternative tourist attraction, rather than or as well as selling farm produce, you can earn more money from your farm.

Your earning potential with this strategy will blow your mind. 

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